Hey, guys! Welcome to Safariyamaisha, and thank you for visiting! In Kiswahili, “Safari ya Maisha” means “the journey of the life,” and there is no better phrase which encapsulates the two years I spent as a volunteer in Africa. Whilst there, I worked within local communities, living and breathing the real and beautiful life of this phenomenal continent. It also fuelled my passion for the conservation of elephants. This discovery and my experiences in Africa were definitely the journey of the life.

While in Africa, I didn’t have much time to be a tourist. I believe that when you’re faced with the opportunity to explore a city, a country, a continent, it is not necessary to be a tourist. In fact, the places we visit can naturally and seamlessly offer us beautiful moments, and when we truly live these new experiences, we are granted the chance to feel at home away from home.

So, I’ve asked myself, why don’t I share these life-changing moments?

The benefit of sharing these experiences mean that my memories are the photos and videos I have shot, or the notes I have taken during my travels. I’ve learned it’s important to document whatever you can, to write about the feelings, the sensations, the weather, or even equipment used during excursions and photo shoots.

After I returned from my time in Africa, I asked myself, “Why don’t I continue to capture life? Why can’t I share my experiences? How many people might be interested to know Italy, or my town, or the world, just as I am interested in faraway locations?” For me, travel is not only about the landscapes, but the scenes, the characters, the smiles. It is my penchant for recording the small and the grand moments which has led me to always carry my camera and equipment, whether I’m in Italy or travelling on my next journey. Safari ya Maisha

Andrea Gatti is an Italian freelance photographer who is passionate about wilderness, adventures and technology. He is a curious traveller, open to meeting different cultures. He works as a web developer and in social media marketing.

After quitting his job in Italy, Andrea went to Kenya and Malawi to volunteer for a few years. It was here he helped the local communities with building schools, repairing computers and restoring Wi-Fi access in several areas. He valued the opportunity to contribute and learn, and is incredibly supportive of childrens’ education.

Having lived in a countryside in Italy and then in rural villages in Africa, Andrea knows the importance of a healthy planet, where environment and animals are safeguarded. His love for nature and elephants led him to conceive the idea of an adventure by bike across North America – from Toronto to San Diego – in order to raise awareness and money for elephants who face the threat of extinction.

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