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  • August 19, 2018

Why write a travel blog? Very often we make the decision to write a blog to try to share experiences with friends, or even strangers, with the intention of giving advice or views. I recently started my new adventure and I thought, “Why not try to share it?” However, instead of using words, my true intent is to impress you with my images. This isn’t because I consider myself a great photographer -I simply believe the subjects that immortalize somehow by themselves are organic masterpieces. Nature is wonderful!

I’m certainly not a luxury traveler, I’m just a fan of all that is wild and natural. I was born in a small town in the province of Bergamo, a few kilometers from Milan and situated at the foot of the Alps. Mountains, rivers, lakes and forests have always been part of my life. What has most impressed and attracted me was nature, in all its forms: flora, fauna and, without a doubt, humanity with different cultures and traditions.

After a part of my life was spent working for the simple salary, I was convinced that the most important thing for me was to take care of – and photograph – what entirely fascinated me: nature and scenes of everyday life. I’ve always been a committed environmentalist, although – to tell the truth – I’ve never been an activist. After two years in Africa, I moved to Toronto, Canada in April 2017 to practice and develop my English, but also to grow professionally in everything related to social media, websites and media contents. In this period, dedicating myself fully to photography and to the web, I was finally able to focus on what is definitely at my heart – that nature is wonderful and must be safeguarded.

Here in Canada, thanks to many friends (Tomislav Svoboda and Steve Leckie) and also to a real environmentalist atmosphere, I was able to cultivate and implement my thirst for environmental protection. I now intend to devote myself to helping small projects or associations, such as creating their websites, social media pages, and to provide them with the tools and foundations for the production of media contents.

So, now I am ready! After a year and a half of preparation – both physical and mental – I’m starting to go on my first big adventure. My first “journey of life”, my first “safari ya maisha”. This blog wants to be a tribute to life, life understood as “bio.” I would like to call it a “Bio-travel blog.”

For this first trip I decided to collaborate with an association called “The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos” to try to sensitize people about the current situation of elephants and rhinos. The elephant is also a symbol of my blog because he is a great traveler and has an extraordinary memory. I will not limit myself to keeping a travel diary but will also periodically post articles on conservation and environmental protection.

Do you like traveling, but above all, are you a lover of nature? If so, hold on tight and keep up with me!

I dedicate this blog to Simone Maffeis, Giampietro Taveri, Edmund Bordes, who have come missing while I was away from home; and to Rossella Depari and her team for their dedication and daily commitment.

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